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Dylan and Dani Spatz have owned DND Farms since 2012 when they started their cattle herd. They selected Irish Dexters due to their docile nature, ease of handling, and superior maternal abilities. They keep an active membership with the American Dexter Cattle Association. Out of a want to be a self sufficient cattle operation came the opportunity to do custom hay work.

On average they put up 10,000+/- small squares of forage crop along with round baling. Their hay outfit is completely mobile and travels within a reasonable distant for custom haying jobs.

Dylan and Dani both come from agricultural and livestock backgrounds, having spent most of their lives being stewards for the animals and land that they have in their care. Hard work being the basis for their farm, their family centered approach to their business makes it an easy option for your farm needs.


We are tough to catch all together, but we do stop long enough to eat as a family.

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