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Irish Dexter Beef

How Our Beef Is Raised

Our beef cattle spend their first 7-8 months on grass and milk, growing and just being calves. They do receive supplemental creep feed while out on pasture in an effort to stress their mother's less, promote healthy growth, and sustain our pastures. At weaning time, they are switched to a solely grass diet, with occasional feed to remind them to come when called.


They are vaccinated at weaning time, and de-wormed twice a year. Antibiotics are only used when their well being depends upon it. At no point do we use hormones or growth stimulants to quicken growth to butcher size. Steers head into the feed yard approximately 3 months prior to their butcher date. This gives them adequate time to adjust to a grain based diet and not have health issues associated to being put on a grain diet too quickly. Even though their destiny is the dinner plate, their well being up to that point is our utmost concern.


We call and set up butcher dates months/years in advance. We primarily use two butchers in the area. Wahoo Meat Locker, that is a fully USDA certified locker and North Bend Meats. We also offer the option of delivering to a locker of your specification, but that requires the purchase of an entire beef and you setting up the butcher date.

Upon delivery and butchering, carcasses are hung for approximately 2 weeks to provide aging and then cut. After they cut the beef, it is ready for pick up. Remember to bring coolers and boxes when picking up your beef.

We and our butchers request that you call in your cutting instructions prior to the butcher date of your beef. This insures proper cutting of your beef to your specification. First timer and not sure what cuts you want or like, the butcher shops will gladly walk you through the cutting of your beef.



General Pricing

We often sell beef in quarter, half, or whole beefs.

half ≈ 225 lbs ± lbs of Hanging Weight*

whole ≈ 450 ± lbs of Hanging Weight*

Our cost is usually around

$4/lb x Hanging Weight =  paid to DND Farms 


Butchering Fee/Processing Fees and any specialty cuts based on hanging weight = paid to butcher

*Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after it has been dressed, i.e., after the initial slaughtering and processing. 

Payment in full for ordered beef will be required prior to pickup of beef from butcher shop. A deposit of approximately half of the price will be required at time of order to hold your half or whole.

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