Happenings Around the Farm

Now that we have had a chance to catch our breath, I'm getting to all of the tasks that have been put on the back burner. Which if it didn't have something to do with cutting or baling hay, it was on the back burner. Thankfully the cattle are out on pasture during our busy time of the year and are rather self reliant.

The shop is mostly finished, except for a few small things that can keep until it slows down. We are finally getting things done, i.e. farm paperwork, cattle DNA'd and registered, and mountains of house and garden work that we neglected. It feels like the world is right siding itself now. All in all we put up around 7000+ small square bales and a 100+ round bales. We aren't quite done yet, with a fifth cutting of alfalfa happening if it ever stops raining!

All this rain has allowed me the time to get computer work done, like updating the website! We have some nice heifers for sale. I'm torn with keeping Ms. Electra, she is fabulous! Back to the rain, no one has started harvest around here, which means cattle are still out on pasture or getting hayed up in the lot. Not out on stalks. Once that transition happens, these ladies will start their education with a halter.

November 10th is the one year anniversary of the start of the adventure of putting up the farm shop. That has contributed greatly to this year being a blur. I'm hoping with autumn and winter coming we will be slowing down a bit. We have a few Dexter cross cows left to calve and then we should be done for awhile. 2018 babies start arrive in February.

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