Kids, Cattle, and Cookin'

DND Electra

This post could turn into a rant of how over winter I am, but it won't. I'm not the only one who is tired of these 15* days. We started halter breaking heifers about two weeks ago and the only thing keeping us on track is that the barn is snug. Mack has taken a shine to DND Electra and I get the feeling they may be trying their hand at the show ring this spring (if it ever arrives) and summer.

The nightly routine has been: catch heifers and let them stand tied up for a couple hours, work on being lead, and end with a treat. I figure success was last night when the almost 11 year old caught and tied all the heifers by herself. They have become her project and her calves, I'm starting to wonder who makes the income when they are sold?

January and February around here are relatively slow. We get to have a bit of a social life and not be going full throttle day after day. Besides the cold, its been an easy winter. The main cattle herd is still out on stalks and we are knocking on March's door. Calves should start to arrive here shortly and as much as I don't want to admit it, I'm looking forward to mud season and warmer temps. Warmer temperatures means grilling season!

How's that for a transition into cooking. There's no beating around the bush, Dexter beef is a far superior beef. The cuts are portion appropriate and the flavor is beyond compare. Even less quality cuts make for phenomenal dishes. The hamburger is a deep dark red and actually has flavor. I can't ever go back to store bought after being spoiled with Dexter beef and a we have a few customers who feel the same. Flavor isn't everything though, I know how this beef is raised, from birth to plate. I love DND beef, but always shed a tear when steers head to the butcher.

One day, I will sit and write down the recipes I cook with my beloved beef. Plus various other farm favorites, although I think The Pioneer Woman may have already tapped that well. Tonight on the menu, street tacos or chili.

Here's to mud season, calves, and hay season coming soon. Please.

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