The Reality of Farm Life

Dexter and Girl

I have been suffering such guilt of trying to get the website updated. I think it would be a possibility if I was granted a few more hours in the day. I think then we might finally get caught up!

In the last two months, I think we have been in the house just long enough to sleep. We are pretty much done calving except for a few stragglers and the cattle are out on the pasture. A new well had to be dug and I discovered how grateful for water I am!

We took a heifer to the ADCA National Show and Sale this year, what a learning experience for all of us. Mack and her heifer presented themselves well and for someone who had never shown and did all of the work with the heifer, we were pleased. It was brutally hot, and we didn't purchase any new stock. It was a fun quick trip. We are over the moon excited for the 2019/2020 ADCA National Show and Sale as it is practically in our own backyard at the Lincoln Event Center, just 45 minutes away.

So what exactly keeps us so busy, you may wonder? Hay Season. Straw Season. More Hay. Did I mention hay? It's a necessity for the livestock industry, but the work is brutal. Long, hot days, but the satisfaction of having a full barn of hay (and providing other people with full barns of hay) is well worth the hard work.

Here's to hoping for good weather and good luck the rest of summer with minimal break downs! I have intentions of being better about updating the website, but I may know the reality of the matter. Farming comes first, technology second.

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