Juggling vs. Struggling

Wow, what a winter, at least I am feeling confident enough to believe it is over. We are in whatever limbo season comes in between winter and spring in Nebraska, I think it's called mud season. Calving is in full swing here, and everything else that comes with spring time. Currently we have been trying to combat the huge amounts of MUD. We were lucky compared to some cattle producers in our state, we didn't suffer any catastrophic loses to our cattle herd like others. People not 10 miles up the road by the river had cattle stranded on islands from the river rising so fast. The death lose for cattle, both grown cows and calves has been staggering. If you are or know a cattle producer, it more than just a title, it's a way of life. Life revolves around the animals in your care, and it's heartbreaking to see the suffering, both for animals and the people who tend them.

This blog thing always tells me to come up with a catchy title. Well, that's the best I can do, I never really know if I am juggling or really just struggling. It seems that we hit our busy season around here and we don't catch our breathe until the fall sometime. This year it feels like we never did quit running around with our heads cut off. Winter was dreadfully cold, multiple times I cried and wanted to know how easy it would be to move everything to a warmer climate (I was built for warm weather!). I think we spent most of our time feeding cattle and keeping babies warm!

We are starting to get calves ready to be shown at the ADCA Annual show which is right here in our own state this year (an hour away)! We are excite to be getting beef ready for their butcher dates, one of which will be going to the UNL Meat Lab for the beef cutting demo at the AGM in their education series. We released a new product, beef jerky, and it was amazing and didn't last long at all! I had to hide it from the residents of this farm out of fear they would eat it before it could get to customers. Before we know it hay season will be in full swing again, Mack has taken over my position on the baler. She's not to bad at her new job either.

I'd like to say that I will update this blog thing more often than I currently do, I think it was last summer when I did lastly, but I probably won't. Hope everyone has a fantastic spring (when it arrives), maybe I should add in summer while I am at it!

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