I thought I did this in January, but it's July....

This could all be stemming from the fact that I just noticed that the cloth napkins we us for meals are still the red Christmas plaid ones. I was also sure that I wrote here back in January, when my original intention was to post something educational about hay or Dexters every month. Now I find its July and my napkins still say Christmas and I haven't made one damn educational post.

The weather here has been odd for July, usually we are in the throws of straw and hay season, but have been at a bit of a stand still due to it raining almost every day and barely hitting 80*F. It has bought me some time to work on g

etting DNA sent in, cattle posted for sale, and starting to halter break calves. (They are currently up in the lot, because Fort Knox couldn't keep them in...)

The kid has stepped up and essentially taken my place since we will be adding to the DND family coming in October. She's handy any

where you put her, whether it's helping me in the vineyard (oh, yeah, we bought a vineyard), work cattle, or do hay. Her and I keep things running at our farm while Dylan has been helping his family's farm also. It doesn't leave much time for things like updating websites and writing blogs, or honestly cleaning the house or maybe setting up a nursery....

If I aim and plan now maybe I can have an educational series ready to go by next January, and at this point in the game, is it really even worth changing out the napkins?


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