Strange Times in the Era of Covid-19

Gus doesn't really have anything to do with Covid-19, he's just handsome and needs his picture out there. That's not all true, he does have something to do with the era of Covid-19, we had been prepping him to go to our national show in June. That's the funny thing about livestock, they are always humbling, and a good reminder that hard work and hope can be dashed in a minute. Not to sound like a Debbie Downer here, I don't regret the hard work aspect, I was excited to see how this young bull stood up to his peers in the show ring.

Which is the perfect interlude for the strange times aspect of this post, strange times indeed. It hasn't changed our lives too terribly much in the sense that we still are luck enough to have both of our in town jobs. We are homebodies in the first place, so it didn't damper our social lives much at all either. We custom calved first calf heifers early this Spring, so we weren't going places anyway.

We added some beautiful horned ADCA Dexter stock to our herd that got purchased prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. Getting them here with all of the mandates and such turned into a hat trick, and finally two months later they made it! I just love my Dexters and the wait for them to arrive was practically eating me alive.

We have hit one of those brief quiet times where maybe a project or two may get done. Calving is done, bulls are getting fat and happy, waiting to be turned loose with their ladies. Pastures are turning green and the grass is growing nicely, I believe (fingers crossed) we have seen the last of the snow! Those free moments offer me the chance to update the website and write a blog (seems to happen about once a year...).

As always, if you are interested in Dexters or Dexter cross cattle get a hold of us, we love sharing our herd and gathered knowledge. Stay home and stay well and hopefully these strange times will become a little more normal sooner rather then later!

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