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One of our best sellers! The $100 beef package gives you the best selection without having to "buy the whole beef." Maybe you don't have the freezer space, or the budget to get a half or whole beef, this is the perfect option. This package usually contains our most popular beef cuts and can change based on the time of the year.



Classic Beef Package

  • Cuts available in the Small Beef Package:

    • Ribeye (2 per pack)
    • T-bone (2 per pack)
    • Chuck Roast (2lbs-3lbs)
    • Stew Meat (1.5lb package)
    • Cube Steak (4 per package)
    • Ground beef (1.5lb tubes/4.5 lbs total)

    Choice of One:

    • Sirloin Steak (4 per package)
    • Ribs (3-4lbs package)


  • On farm pick up or delivery with arrangements only. No shipping available for frozen beef at this time.

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